Hello HOLA Lakeway Family!

We hope that your 2019 has started off on the right foot and that our first newsletter of the year finds you well! 2018 was a groundbreaking year for HOLA Lakeway, and we find ourselves more energized than ever in this new year! We are determined to follow up all of our success from last year with even greater things, and already HOLA has made moves this year to further its mission of creating a more unified community for the Lakeway Area, the biggest of those being the creation of a Conversational Spanish Course for our surrounding community. Along with further details regarding this course, as well as our usual Community Organization Highlight and Upcoming Events sections, we’ll also be covering the MLK Day award that HOLA Lakeway received in January and an important development in Walter’s State Community College’s RHiTA program! We’re so happy that you’re keeping up with all things HOLA and look forward to continuing to keep you all, our family, updated on everything we do this year!

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